Create a Forum in a different group

Step 1

  • Choose your forum name, lets call it "MyForum" , which will be the name of a new wiki group.
  • Open ForumX.php, change 'ForumX.*' in the line with $FoxPagePermissions to 'MyForum.*'
    $FoxPagePermissions['MyForum.*'] = 'all';
  • Save the file under the name MyForum.php in your local/ directory.

Without page permissions being set for the new forum group, the page copy process of step 2 will fail!

Step 2

  • Enter the new forum name into the box below, add the accesscode, and press "Create".
  • If the page permissions were set correctly in step 1 a new forum group will be created, and you can start creating new topics straight away.

Enter forum Group Name:
Enter value 1692 <- Have you entered the code number?
Create new Forum:

Step 3

  • Change display configurations for the new forum from the page ForumConfig.